A Step-By-Step Guide to Signing up to Roam For Business

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Why choose Roam for your business

To start with, to claim your venue’s listing costs only £12.50 + VAT / Month and by doing so, it effectively acts as your own marketing platform – you can even send customers push notifications! Your venue is already listed and we're showcasing you to new and existing customers – simply start your journey and start engaging with your community, business travellers and tourists alike!

The benefits of claiming and enhancing your venue profile: 

  • Send your customers push notifications direct to their phones with news, offers, events, and more
  • Create a loyalty club for your customers – existing customers are 40% more likely to buy your products
  • Share new product releases to your customers with any exclusive offerings, menus and other services
  • By claiming your listing on the Roam app, this effectively becomes your own marketing platform
  • Drive desired actions such as repeat purchases or up-selling
  • Communicate your brand values to increase loyalty and repeat revenue

With our service, we are able to drive customers to your doors

It’s only £12.50 + VAT / Month to join our community - simply add all your images and other information - you also get 4 inclusive push notifications per month

Let's start your journey!

  • Go to www.Roam-Local.co.uk/eposni on your device
  • Click on "Get Started"
  • Follow "Claim your venue"
  • Search for your business name/s
  • Click on "Claim Now" to confirm your business
  • Create your account & log in information
  • View your Roam Management Dashboard
  • Add information to your Dashboard
  • Download Roam (user interface) on your phone and find your venue
  • Follow your venue to view your profile LIVE!

The Roam Business Management System (RBMS)

You can access Roam on your phone or on a desktop computer by clicking here.

Please note that the RBMS is designed to be used by multiple team members, and has its own dedicated interface rather than being accessible via the app.

Click here to view all our training videos.

The Roam Business Management System (RBMS)

The RBMS is featured as a web app, so can be added to your home screen to look and function like an app. However, it is a separate interface away from your Roam Local Profile - designed for teams to market simply and expertly!

View this VIDEO to see how

You can access support at any time

You're not alone in this! If you need help, simply look in the bottom-right corner for this icon:

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